Confidence and Charisma Coaching

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Presence Coaching Tailored to You

Do you need this?

If you want to make a stronger impression on your audience,  in live presentations, via recorded video, or in one-on-one negotiations, I can help you do it. If you suspect your personal presence is holding you back from greater opportunities, I can help you shift into greater success with mental and physical tools to boost your confidence, solidify your executive presence, and fully engage your audiences.

I serve a wide range of people who need to project strength and confidence in professional situations, and to be regarded as a leader when they speak or simply enter a room. I began training stage performers (dancers, singers, actors, variety artists) in my unique methods in 1996, and in the last several years began offering my services to a wider market:
- Business owners, coaches, and teachers (including online business owners and service providers who need to show up strong on video for livestreams, CTA videos, and personal video communications to clients and students)

- Executives and managers in corporate and nonprofit organizations (confidence for leading meetings, presenting to upper management, salary negotiations)

- Professionals who wish to develop an online presence to support their in-person business (creating a strong welcome video for website)

- Members of academia (for teaching, conference presentations, and job talks)

- Group fitness, dance, and yoga instructors (in person and online)

Method to success

At the foundation of my method is that I believe strongly in your agency to show up in the way you want to – your ability to tap into your own charisma and confidence, to use it as you want to, in any situation.

Whether you are someone struggling with nerves or stage fright, or someone who has inconsistent presence that you want to be able to truly rely on when it counts, I can help you develop it.  You will strengthen how you show up, publicly and in private meetings, in your work and in your relationships.

Through personalized coaching, we'll identify your blocks, help you understand how you're perceived, and explore mental and physical techniques to improve your presentation. You'll notice the improvements and so will others.

You really can get yourself to where you want to be, standing and speaking confidently in your leadership, to enhance your reputation and your career.

Services offered: Coaching packages & series

I offer private coaching packages as well as solo-within-group coaching series in which each member of a cohort is working on their own material for presentation at a live event or for the creation of video assets, with the support, accountability, and peer learning benefits of the cohort.
How it works: Most live coaching sessions take place over Zoom, and I'm also able to work with individuals or groups in person in the New York metropolitan area as well as in other cities around the world.
In working on your presence for camera or presence for live speaking, whether in a private or group coaching package, you will create videos as homework between live sessions, with my accountability and support.
If you are preparing for a live presentation, the videos you prepare will enable me to give you feedback with you able to observe yourself on video.
This is a fast way of learning to connect what you see on the outside with your inner work to shape your presentation personality. You'll receive targeted feedback on them, so that you can enhance the small details of your self-presentation, for an overall greater sense of presence, strength, leadership.

Videos may also be prepared as assets for your business, to be used for promotion (website welcome video, Call to Action messages, advertising/promotions, etc.), or program delivery (course lessons, coaching videos, personal video outreach to your clients or prospective clients, etc.). I give you feedback on the drafts until you have a video you feel proud of, one that represents you well and does not make you cringe!

If you have created videos in the past that looked wooden, or where you were heavily reliant on a script and your delivery was flat, or where you were otherwise unsatisfied with your appearance or the impression you were making, I guarantee you'll be much happier with what we create together. Beyond the videos themselves, you'll gain unique tools that are tailored to you and that you can apply in a variety of social situations, beyond just the videos you are making.

It gives you a sense of confidence that you can pull yourself together when you need to make videos or speak live, on demand, whenever you need to.


Reach out to me via the contact form on this site, by email at, or via LinkedIn to explore what it would look like to work together.

Read more about my background and values here.