July 14


When I’m working with a coaching client and sense their energy, and report back to them what I see… sometimes the person I’m coaching will rebel a little. It can feel uncomfortable initially to be read like that, I get it. Sometimes they ask, “But couldn’t that be just what YOU are seeing, Ranya? Maybe someone else would see it differently?” 

In part that is true, perception colors impression and vice versa. There is some element of subjective perception and judgment. But there are some  things that are just not up for debate. And the quality of your energy is one of them.

When we turn on a light switch, that closes a circuit to allow energy to flow. It is not up for debate. The light is either on or off. Even if you have a dimmer, it is either on to some degree, or it is not. So when there is a difference in your energy, just like the difference in energy of the lamp when you flip the switch, I can read it. It is plain for me to see, because I know how to look for it.

With a simple light switch it’s easy. But what about with a dimmer? That can be a better analogy to working with energy in people. You can dial up the dimmer a tiny amount, and someone perceptive will be able to discern the difference. Or you can dial it up a lot, and then it’s obvious to more people. Through years of practice as a presence coach, I have developed a highly sensitive meter for discerning even small differences in the amount and quality of your energy. When I give you feedback on how you are using yours, you can apply that feedback to how you feel in the moment. Maybe you only made a small adjustment but it had a big effect. Or at least a discernible effect – no small feat. Maybe you made what you felt was a big adjustment, maybe even a big mental adjustment that felt challenging to you… but it didn’t really show up a lot on the outside. These are things I can give you feedback on, so you can learn how to calibrate your own inner technique with how you want it to come across on the outside.

What if you are not sure how you want it to come across on the outside? That’s where I can help you refine it, because I have a high level of sensitivity to where your “sweet spot” is, where you are at your most compelling to us. And that is different for each person, which is why my coaching work is totally tailored to each person I work with.

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