July 14


One way that humans are special. One is that our brains are structured to allow for us to hold two different realities in mind simultaneously. (Maybe even more than two, but let’s say two for now.) For example, we may have a goal that we want to accomplish, or something about ourselves that we want to change. If we know what we want, we can develop that image of what we want to become. At the same time, we still have the imprint and reality of where we are today… indeed, also where we have been historically. The purpose of mindset work is often to just transverse the gap between these two simultaneously held realities. In this case, the transformation may be from A to B, but the mental picture of both A and B is real in the mind.

If I’m working with a client who is a coach or teacher, they want to get new clients or students….maybe even desperately. The challenge is in suppressing the still-present reality of A, whose mental picture is well defined, with the future reality of B, where the coach or teacher is totally satisfied with the number of people they have to work with. In focusing on the goal setting of B in one’s internal attitude, it can be projected outwardly as well. This is a directional process, but it takes two steps: first making B completely real, even though it is still a dream. Then, projecting it outward. This is often the tricky part, and it’s a test for the realness of that internal B image. Don’t beat yourself up about it though, because it’s part of being human. We can hold two realities.

How do you project the one you want to project?

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