July 14

STAGE PRESENCE FOR BUSINESS: 7 communication mistakes people make on their sales webinars

  1. Pitching to a non-insider audience using insider technical terms
  2. Using tone of voice and manner of speaking that mimics your teachers or coaches, thereby sounding like everyone else using those terms
  3. Sounding like a one-way ad voice when you actually want it to feel more like a dialogue, even if you are presenting— need to leave room for your target viewer/listener – sounds too polished, so they won’t actually see room for themselves to engage with you. Them talking themselves into buying your thing will take place if there is space for them to do that. Not too much space, but enough to think and imagine a dialogue with you.
  4. Showing slides only without having your own video as a thumbnail – if you want them to show up fully, you should show up fully, with nothing to hide. If you don’t want to actually show up live, fine, but then make it an evergreen webinar, not a live one where you are actually there.
  5. Letting unvetted people ask questions live, by voice or on video – bad bad bad – they’ll bring down the energy of your talk, like a deer in the headlights who won’t get off the road
  6. Letting vetted people, like current or former clients, sing your praises for longer than 20 seconds – these must be rehearsed. Without meaning to, unless they have practiced what they are going to say, they’ll end up like a deer in the headlights too, basking in the light of how good they feel about you.
  7. Bringing someone else on to speak as a featured guest when you haven’t advertised that they’ll be there – looks like a free for all or, worse, a bait and switch; people joining late might not see you when they enter the webinar room. And they will not be able to tell if you are their ideal coach if you have sneaked someone else in there. That person might be very different from you. Bill it as both of you together, if you think they have something valuable to offer, then people will be prepared, and they will likely appreciate it rather than feel skeptical about it.

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