July 14


Has anyone ever told you, “It’s just your mindset that you have to fix!”

Do you want to earn more money? Change your mindset!

Someone said this to me when I was wondering how to charge more for one of my services. It wasn’t the right answer at the time, and actually I think it is sometimes offered as a lazy answer. It’s very easy to tell someone else that their mindset needs to be changed! That person has a different mindset.

But there’s another reason I’m not crazy about looking to “mindset” as the solution for all our problems.

Let’s take a look at the word “mindset”.

Let’s assume we should indeed change our mindset, if we want to try something different that might work, something outside of our comfort zone. But at the same time, the word SET is baked right into mindset. And a mindset might be easier to change if we acknowledge that we don’t only have one of them.

—> Dr. Kinsbourne study on prisoners in Russia – zapping right or left sides of the brain

A mindset is not something you should “set and forget.”

To stay current, fresh, and relevant, you should keep checking in with your mindset, yes. But you don’t need to completely revamp it in order to make progress.


What if a mindset could be just a role that we play, to achieve a very specific aim?

What if a mindset was just like a hat, that we could take off and put a different one on? And then swap the hat again? And again? Let’s call it a “mindhat.”

Are you actually operating from a single, fixed mindset?

Can you try on a new mindhat on top of your existing mind?

You don’t have to commit to this mindhat. You can just try it on, for a task you need it for.

I wear a wide-brimmed sunhat at the beach, but not on the subway at rush hour.

What if you could try on a new mindhat, as simple as that?

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