July 14


This is a little like yin and yang. Opposite poles in relationship with each other, in balance.

The key to balance is finding the up in the down, as well as the down in the up.

A big part of this is removing value judgments from the equation. This can be hard to do, and you are bound to upset some people if you try to get them excited about applying that idea to their own lives too. Don’t. Make it something personal for only yourself. Have a little solo date with yourself to ponder the up in the down, and the down in the up.

Don’t say out loud, “Well, at least he didn’t suffer!” But you can quietly think that.

Don’t just find the silver lining in the cloud. It’s also important to find the cloud in the silver lining, but to approach it with a friendly attitude: don’t let it get you down, when you find the down. Just say hello to the down. Like the yin in the yang and the yang in the yin, acknowledge it is there, and that is all.

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